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Speed Detector

Speed detectors or speed sensors are of great use and available in various types. Read on to know about the types, benefits and uses of this small but highly useful device.

Speed detector or speed sensor is a tool or device that is used to measure the speed of different objects. Generally, we relate them to measuring the speed of vehicles. However they have a lot of other uses as well. The difference in their use is highly dependent on the technology or principle being used behind their working.

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Types of speed detectors

On the basis of their use, speed detectors have a wide range of types. They include:

  • Wheel speed sensors: A wheel speed detector – also called vehicle speed sensor is a type of tachometer. It works by reading the speed of vehicle’s wheel rotation. It generally consists of pickup and toothed ring.
  • Speedometers: A speedometer is a gauge that measures the instantaneous speed of the vehicle. Now, they are universally fitted to the motor vehicles. Other vehicles have other speedometers with different names for sensing the speed. For example airspeed detector is used for measuring the speed of aircraft and pit log is the one used for boat.
  • Pitometer logs: Also known as pit logs, pitometer logs are the devices that are used for measuring the speed of ships relative to water. They are used for both ships and submarines.
  • Pitot tubes: This device is a pressure measurement instrument that measures the velocity of flowing liquid. It is used for measuring air speed, water speed and flow velocities of liquids, and gases. It can be used for measuring velocity at certain point, not the average.
  • Airspeed indicators: It detects the aircraft’s air speed by measuring the difference between air around the craft and the pressure that propulsion causes.
  • Piezo sensors: Their use include in a road surface for measuring changes in pressure, acceleration, force, strain and temperature.
  • Ground speed radar: It is a non-mechanical method for measuring vehicle’s speed. It involves firing a radar beam towards the ground and Doppler shift of the beam returned is measured. This information is then used to measure the speed of the vehicle.
  • ANPR: They are used where vehicles are timed over a fixed distance.
  • Laser surface velocimeters: These detectors are used for measuring the velocity of moving surfaces with non-contact optical speed sensor. Laser Doppler principle works behind the process.

Advantages of speed detectors

Speed detectors are highly useful devices. Have a look on some of them.

  • Protect equipment from damage: Sometimes measuring or keeping record of speed is very important. It can help prevent the damage to the equipment or its malfunctioning.