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Rugged Laptop

Computer devices are a must in all kinds of work environments. They are easy to use and cut down on a lot of effort. Many contemporary office functions may not be possible without these machines. Laptops, which are gaining strength to strength due to their portability in the professional world, are sort of an office on the go and many professionals in different fields are able to work from remote locations with their help.

Their portability also puts them at a risk of being damaged. This is a major concerns since a damaged laptop in field can lead to waste of precious time and loss of important data. To counter this problem, rugged laptops are the solution. These laptops are developed to perform well in tough conditions without giving up. Let’s take a closer look into these devices.

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What makes a rugged laptop, rugged?

Rugged laptops, as the name suggests, are tough in nature. These are also known as ruggedized laptops. They are built in a way that they can stand harsher environments. The shells of the rugged laptops are tougher to protect from physical harm such as a fall or an object falling on them. Their screens are scratch resistant and clear to see even with direct sunlight striking them. The system itself can operate at unusually high and low temperatures, making them ideal for use in the field.

These laptops are also able to survive in extremely vibrating conditions. The keyboards of these laptops are sealed, allowing them to withstand liquid spills and dusty environment. Some of these machines may have special ports built in to perform industry specific functions.  

Other features

The rest of the laptop features are more or less the same as any other machine. These can vary in different brands based on what they offer. Specific features may be added to a laptop model on the basis of the functionality it is meant for.  

Uses of rugged laptops

These laptops are used in a number of fields including engineering, construction and military. All of these fields have a serious amount of work in the open and need reliable computers that can not only perform the required functions but can also withstand tough conditions. A laptop that cannot perform in a jumping vehicle may be of little use for military while a system that cannot work due to dust entering into it is pretty needless at a construction site.

Are these expensive?

The initial cost of these rugged laptops may be higher than normal off the shelf systems. However, these laptops are very reliable and any ill functioning part is a rarity. As these systems need little or no part replacements in the longer run, the overall cost is quite low.      

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