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Lie Detector

Lie detector is such an interesting thing to know about. Let’s have a look on this intriguing tool, how it works, what are its types and the way to detect the lie.

Lie detector can also be found with another name as Polygraph. Polygraph test is a general term used for this detection technique. Well we all know that it’s a difficult thing to read someone’s mind and same case is with this tool and technique, it cannot read the mind of a person but can record the sensations and physical changes. These records can make the confirmation that whether you are covering up the things or not.

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Types of Lie Detector

Basically there are two types of detector. They are as follows.

  • Conventional: These machines are also known as analog instruments and are not so commonly used now. It is a box having dials and switches in series.
  • Computerized: Programs are used to record all measurements on the portable computers.

Different Techniques of Lie detection

Like types, lei detection is done using different techniques. Let’s have a brief discussion on some of the techniques of lie detection test.

Autonomic Indicators:

It is a well-known even best known technique used by the psych physiologists for lie detection. The detection in this technique can be done by examining changes in the body in the form of signals. Which cannot be detected easily by normal human observations.

Measurements of Brain Functions:

This technique reflects the outlying indexes of very complex cognitive and affective operations that happen when people bounce illusory or non-illusory responses to interrogations.

  • Functional brain imaging
  • EEG

These are the some types of this technique.

  • Detection of deception from demeanor:

This technique is based on the understanding of delicate signals in manners and behavior; it is related to an individual’s senses. Stare, attitude, facial expressions, body engagements, sound of the voice, and the decorations and content of speech when one person talks to another during an interview, interrogation, or any other conversation these all are defining the demeanor.

  • Eye-Tracking:

Not an emotional reaction but a cognitive reaction. This technology counts on the pupil expansion, reaction time, reading and rereading time, and errors. Information is note down while subjects response true false interrogations on a PC.

  • Voice Risk Analysis:

This technology uses the PC’s, which are used to associate pitch, frequency, intensity and micro shocks. In this way the voice analysis helps to analyze the tiny variations in the voice supposed to signal lying.

  • FMRI:

FMRI stands for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is a technique which has number of purposes. It basically shows the usage of oxygen by the brain, and it actually allows the analysis for the detection of brain part which uses the oxygen the most.

Brain observations:

  • Electroencephalography: It is used to notice the changes in brain waves.
  • Cognitive chronometry: It is actually the analysis of the time took for the preformation of the mental functions.
  • Brain-reading: It uses the FMRI and the manifold voxels which are triggered in the brain induced by a incentive to govern what the brain has noticed, and check that whether it is familiar or not.

In a nutshell, lie detector is an interesting way to detect the lie of a person that can be helpful in many ways.

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