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EOD Bomb Suit

The bomb suit, EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) suit or a blast suit is the body armor heavy suit which is designed to withstand the pressure that is generated because of a bomb along with the fragments produced by the bomb. During the attempt of bomb disposal these kind of suits are usually worn.  An EOD bomb suit must be able to protect all parts of the body whereas ballistic body armors usually focus on protecting specific parts of the body like the torso and head. The EOD bomb suit protects the body in a number of different ways. The projectiles that may be generated from the bomb are being stopped by this suit. Most of the bomb suits, like the Advanced Bomb Suit are composed of  layers of Kevlar, plastic and foam to accomplish their functions. The bomb suits mostly lacks gloves which gives maximum mobility to the user, leaving their hands and forearms totally unprotected. During the militaristic operations, Advanced Bomb Suit (ABS) is the most commonly used bomb suit which is used by the EOD technicians. The ABS is also used by the police and other local peacekeeping forces as to the need for threat analysis and the elimination of bomb explosions has been increased very rapidly. The bomb suits like ABS can also be seen in many action movies and TV shows.

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The Modern day units of EOD had their starting in World War II, this was the time when the German Luftwaffe  increased the no. of bombs dropped on British soil greatly. Because of the World War 2 the number of civilian casualties grew so a lot of men were trained to defuse the unexploded bombs and other devices, groups were also dedicated try to get the updates of the tasks frequently.

An EOD Bomb suit can protect different areas so let’s have a look at few of them:


The greatest threat that is present for a bomb disposal expert is Fragmentation therefore, the main objective of the bomb suit is to protect the expert against the projectiles. The ABS has blast panels that are fitted on the outside the suit which provides a shield against tiny fragments that may hit wearer directly.


The pressure wave that is released during an explosion can cause permanent or serious damage to the lungs, eardrums, and even cause internal injuries in many other parts of the body. To cope and counter with this problem special rigid ballistic panels are placed on the chest of the bomb suit to absorb this high pressure produced during the blast.


An explosion can cause ‘differential acceleration’ which causes the head and the rest of the body to accelerate at different rates and thus it can cause terrible injuries to the muscles of neck and spine. To deal with this problem every bomb suit has a special supportive neck collar and a special spine protector that overlaps the helmet. This helps to lower the differential acceleration to a great extent.