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Demining Suit

The recent decades globally have been marred by a rise in large scale internal conflicts and wars. This had led to use of sheer brute force in many regions of the world. One of the major issues with these conflicts has been the use of land mines. These are a great threat to civilian populace and need to be removed. Similarly, with rise in terrorism, bomb threats have greatly increased.

Experts around the globe work to dispose of these mines and bombs at great peril. They put their lives at risk in doing so and many have lost their lives and limbs in doing so. Demining suits are an important piece of protective equipment that helps saves lives in performance of such gruesome tasks.

These have been around for a while and continue to evolve and get better and better. The demining suits can weigh 50 pounds or more and take a while and help to be worn by an expert. However, all this effort is completely worthwhile. Let’s dig in a little further learn more about them.  

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The fiber

Aramid fibers are used in the manufacturing of demining suits. These fibers are extremely flexible ad strong, some varieties can have five times the strength of steel. It does well to dim the immediate blow from an explosion. These are also highly heat resistant and protect the mine and bomb experts from the extreme heat generated by an explosion. There are several layers of this fiber to provide the maximum safety.  

Ceramic plates

These are the second line of defense against a possible blast. These protect further against the blow and any shrapnel that may fly after the explosion. These can also be removed in case of need. Although they add weight to the demining suit, they also make it a lot safer. 

The helmet

The helmet protects the head and the face area. The visor of the helmet is transparent and allow the expert to perform his/her task with clear visibility. New suits come with built in cooling systems that help reduce temperature in the helmet and keep fog caused by breathing away.

Crouch protection

Separate protection for the crouch is available to ensure this relatively tough to cover area is well protected too. It does restrict the movement in the demining suit but it can be more than useful in saving the life should the device go off.

Hand mittens

A mine disposal expert works with the hand and they are easily the most vulnerable part of the body. Contemporary demining suits are offer mittens for hand on top which offer a high level of safety. In the event of thing going bad, hands can be saved from the direct impact of the explosion.

Communication devices

Due to the nature of the suit, communicating from traditional means is tough. To counter this problem, inbuilt communication devices are available. These help the disposal expert to remain in touch with others who can guide remotely.