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Bug Detector

The bug detector is a type of radio receiver that is able to collect the electromagnetic signals which are broadcasted using some kind of electronic device or specifically a bug. Whenever the bug detector receives a strong frequency they simply lights up and sounds an alarm rather than converting these intercepted radio broadcasts into data or may be audio. It is able to alert the user to detect the hidden bugs just by moving a bug detector around to nearby objects.

It is a Fortunate thing that most of the radio frequency bugs are easily detected. The signals that are being transmitted by the bug are fairly common and can be easily spotted by a simple device that is tuned to the range of frequency that the offending bugs uses. Before this detection process you need to simply turn off all electronic products in the space. The device will pick it up and notify you if an offending radio frequency is operating in the room.


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Applications of Bug Detector

There two main types of spying technologies are video and audio that most people who are being spied on come in contact with.  In other cases, the used devices operate on a radio frequency (RF) system. The type of technology that is used to operate and construct these kind of devices is fairly simple. They use a range between 1-3 MHz that is considered as lower range of RF. Because of their very small size they can be placed almost anywhere to get their desired information. In some kind of areas like a cell phone conversation, they do not even require to be placed on or in the phone. The only requirement is to pace such kind of device near the phone.

The Bug Detectors are the type of handheld devices that can help you to measure the strength of radio signals. You can just detect the unusual sources of RF emissions by walking around your house which makes it pretty simple to find any kind of bug. If the signal is coming directly from your router, obviously there is nothing to worry about. But if the signal is coming from the painting hanging on your wall, it will be very clear that there might be a bug that is planted over there.

Types of Bugs

From a Spy Pens that can record live video to the GPS trackers that can be attached to the bottom of your car, there is really no shortage of the bugs that can be used to track you. The design of most of the bugs is in discreet manner. Some of the bugs are so compact that they can be even hidden in nooks and crannies where you’d never think to check. Others bugs are designed to match the look of harmless odds and may be ends that you’d already have laying around your house. There is a very vast variety of bugs that you’d never be able to identify them visually with complete surety. But this doesn’t means to say that they can’t be searched and detected, they can be detected using RF bug detector.

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