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Bomb Container

Advancement in technology comes with harmful side effects or damages as well. But there are always some ways to avoid these threats or tackle them tactfully. Same is the case with explosive devices. With ever growing threat of explosive devices like IED’s and other suspect packages, blast containers are easy to use and effective equipment that help protect the public from their damage or harm. Read on to know what bomb container really is and how it is helpful.

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Bomb Container – A Description

Blast container or bomb container is usually a cylindrical assembly that consists of packed woven fibers combined with flame retardant bonder that is designed to withstand the blast and fragments from explosive devices.

Bomb container is used to protect the surroundings from potential damage till the bomb disposable squad comes. What needs to be done is safely roll the drum over the suspect object without touching or operating it.

Bomb container is specially designed to help the bomb squad to analyze the suspect object without removing it – through the walls – using x-ray equipment.

How blast container is helpful?

In case explosion occurs, the blast is directed upwards and eventually the damage caused by lateral fragmentation is reduced to a great extent.


The exterior of the drum or container is fitted with two rubber rings, which helps to easily roll it into position.


This highly effective equipment has a number of uses or applications. They can be used in rail stations, airports, police departments, mail department, sensitive buildings, sports events and public shows. It is also used in many large government and corporate offices in many countries all over the world. Bomb container can be used inconspicuously as a trash placed where parcels bombs can be dropped or as noticeable containment systems with clear pictograms on them.

Advantages of Bomb Container

Here are some advantages of Bomb Container

  • It is the most effective and easy to use equipment currently available.
  • It has been designed for use by both skilled Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operators as well as unskilled persons confronted with suspicious explosive device in public area.
  • It helps avoid any direct contact and provides safe environment for the examination and disposal of bomb.
  • It is lightweight yet highly protective equipment that is very helpful for safety of public.

In a nutshell, bomb container is safe and effective yet affordable device that can help public be safe from suspicious explosive devices or bombs placed somewhere.