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Bomb Blanket

A bomb blanket? A new thing to discover. We all have listened the name of blanket but a bomb blanket is something new and interesting. Let’s have a look on it.

Explosions by bombs is the most common thing now a days in this world. So the bomb blanket is basically the thing which is the protection used now. It is an arrangement of suppression blanket & security loop for speedy guard in contradiction of blast shock waves & flotsam and jetsam. Bomb explosion is the result when unable to neutralize the bomb. The bomb blanket is the speedy and effective thing.

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The explosives deposited can be shielded and endangered by the bomb blanket. These are prepared by strengthened ballistic material with applications of wide ranges. To provide maximum protection the pieces of the bomb blanket is overlapping with other parts. The projectiles coming from the explosive devices has been repelled and stopped as well. Another best way of protection is that is shields the wearer by stopping the blast wave so that it cannot injured the wearer. Layering of plastic, foam and Kevlar has been done in designing this thing within material used of fire retardant.


  • Nylon netting & management straps heavy duty four in numbers license vigilant setting over alleged volatile devices.
  • The ring positioned about the suspicious set with blanket on guides blast upwards into the blanket captivating shock from detonation covering fragments and projectiles.
  • Two or more protection rings and blankets can be used laid back to cover greater suspicious devices.

The most cost-effective and easier to use tool available is the Bomb Blanket and Safety Circle. Military and police use this tool. Several government organizations use this tool as well all over the world. The Security Circle is positioned round the suspicious bomb and after that the Bomb Blanket, which contains heavy-duty webbing carrying handles four in number. This eradicates any straight interaction with the bomb and delivers a harmless atmosphere for its inspection and dumping. It also been used to house over a discharge vessel or bomb bin to lessen the mounting energy of adetonation and comprise the bomb remains.

It is a lightweight thing ever made for protection with highly safe managements within the bomb blanket made with number of layers with ballistic type materials for highly protection. This bomb blanket can be folded into a bag which is compact enough and can be easily carried.


The Specifications which are standard by designing this bomb blanket should be in mind. These are:

  • Its Size in meters and feet is 1.2m x 1.2m 4 x 4 ft.
  • Its Weight is approximately 9.6 kg with Protection Circle.
  • Its protection Level is V50 17 grain steel fragment @ 400 m/s.