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Biometric Attendance

The word Biometrics is a Greek word and it is the combination of two words: Bio and Metrics. Bio mean life and Metrics mean measure. In most of the offices and institutions the biometric attendance systems are gaining foothold quickly, all thanks to the increased need for flexible work culture, transparency and accountability, and also mobile workforce. The Biometric attendance system has also brought more appropriate and efficient system to measure attendance and activities of group or individual’s. The Biometric attendance machine is able to capture your unique physical or biological feature like iris pattern, your hand or finger print, and sometimes may be your voice which may serve a record for your identity verification. Biometric attendance also provides the feature to count the work schedule of employees’ like which employee did what, and at what was the time etc. Biometric attendance is a technology that is foolproof and ensures the accuracy of the attendance as compare to the cards or other systems in the market.

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There are basically two types of biometric attendance system which are “Physiological” and “Behavior”.


The Physiological biometric means to analyze different characteristics of human like the shape or the composition of body. With the help of physiological biometric characteristics a human can be identified in several ways. The physiological biometric identification can be done most commonly via fingerprints, face, retina, hand geometry, signature, iris, vein and voice.


The behavioral biometric technique includes the characteristics how a person walks and for this purpose the scanners are used. The Brain wave signaling and the electronic Tattoos techniques are basically modified form of behavioral authentication techniques. For biometric attendance we can also use behavioral biometric technique but the system installation is too much expensive.

There are a lot of advantages of using biometric attendance system and some of them are mentioned below:

  • The Installation of biometric attendance system is really convenient.
  • The working of Biometric time attendance is very quick and its interface is very user friendly.
  • Biometric attendance system enables us to stop buddy punching like PIN or cards passwords.
  • Biometrics attendance has a very high Accuracy rate.
  • The Finger print scanner equipment is quite cheap.
  • No one can create or fake replica of your finger prints.
  • The Employees may miss or forget their attendance cards but not their fingers.
  • No need to remember long PIN, passwords and patterns.
  • It hardly takes 1 to 5 seconds to take Attendance using biometric attendance.
  • Attendance by using biometric scanner will always give you accurate data record.
  • Within no time the biometric attendance system can reject an unauthorized person.
  • Companies can check the worker clock in and clock out time using this technique.
  • Biometric attendance system can control over timing hours of the employees very easily.
  • This System also helps you to control the labor cost by reducing over payments.
  • The Biometric attendance system reduces the errors that occur due to manual handling.