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Ballistic Shields

Law enforcement professionals often adverse conditions in the field. Even during peaceful times, they have to remain vigilant to ensure that nothing untoward takes place. When they are forced to take action against miscreants, the pressure and the risks go to an entirely new level.

In order to ensure that they stay safe and perform their duties in the finest of manners, it is important that they carry all the right equipment. With the scientific advancements, better protective equipment is now available to the law enforcers. One of the more important pieces of gear during a raid or a riot are the ballistic shields. They keep then out of harm’s way in more ways than one. Let’s learn a little further.  

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How does a ballistic shield work?

The ballistic shields are bullet proof and can stop a wide range of ammunition. Usually, it is very useful against hand guns, short guns and even rifles. Some can even block bullets meant for penetration into metals. The bullets get stuck in the shield, stopping them from hitting the law enforcers. They can also protect against knives and machetes in close encounters.  

It is a rectangular shield that is carried in front of the personnel by hand. The shield comes in different sizes, which may protect from head to knees or even head to toe. One person carries the shield and others can fall in line behind it. It also has a small window for vision.

These are extremely useful for cops, SWAT teams and military special units that carry out raids and engage in gunfights with miscreants.     

Materials used in ballistic shields

The shields are made of a wide range of materials. These include different metals such as steel, ceramic plates and Kevlar. Generally there are multiple layers of protection in ballistic shields to ensure that the bullets do not penetrate. A combination of materials generally is used to ensure maximum protection.


There are certain accessories that are available with the ballistic shields. There are some which come with LED lights to allow better vision. There are also some shields that have wheels to allow easier mobility. This is especially useful in high grade shields which can quite heavy.  

With ballistic shields used, cops and military personnel can stay safe in encounters of different kinds. Its presence can curtail the amount of human losses for law enforcement.     


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