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Ballistic Helmet

Ballistic helmets are an imperative piece of equipment for military and law enforcement professionals. These are products specifically designed to protect the head against threats of different kinds including bullet trauma. Be it a soldier in a battle field or a SWAT officer raiding a gang house, protection for the head is a must.

Ballistic helmets are typically manufactured using aramid fibers, which are heat resistant synthetic fibers, and Kevlar, which are para-aramid synthetic fibers. Other high quality materials are also used. These are high strength materials which are light in weight to allow comfort to the user.

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Level of Protection

These helmets are bullet resistant and offer a varying degree of protection based on their material specifications. They also have the ability to absorb the impact of a bullet to minimize the risk of concussions and other head injuries caused by the jerk. A lot of research is being done to further reduce the injuries caused by the impact jerk.

Helmet Designs

A typical ballistic helmet weighs around three pounds. This can move up in case of an accessorized helmet. The shapes vary based on the particular needs of users. Some differences in designs can be seen in different brands. Generally high cut, medium cut and traditional cut helmets are widely used.

The ballistic helmets used by different armed forces around the globe also have variations based on their particular needs. The straps within the helmets as well as the cushioning can be adjusted to individual preferences.


The contemporary helmets also have rails to add a range of accessories to aid the performance in the field. Usually these rails are mounted onto the helmet and can be removed if needed. There are also mounts available on the front of ballistic helmets which can be used for flashlights, cameras and even night vision devices.

Communication Devices

Communication devices can also be added to the ballistic helmets which in battle zone are imperative. US army currently is using Modular Integrated Communications Helmet, or MICH, which come with built in communication devices. Devices for communication may also be added in case they are not built in.

Helmet Colors

The helmet shells can be available in a range of colors. Color customization and application of individual logos is also quite common. Some helmets are available with fabric coverings as well. Previously dark mesh was used quite often but now camouflage covering is preferred, especially by the military forces. Police forces due to the urban nature of their tasks usually go with uniform colors.


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