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Baggage Scanner

Travel has become extremely common in current times and more and more people are going places with the world becoming a global village. Air travel is usually the preferred mode of travel since it is relatively cheap and takes little time compared with other options.

As the travel increases, so does the risk of crime associated with it. Every year airport authorities cease large amounts of drugs and other contraband items that people try to smuggle. Criminal and terrorist elements also try to carry on weapons on board. Similar risks also have increased with the amount of cargo that is being carried worldwide.

The most useful piece of equipment against such attempts are the baggage scanners that authorities rely to catch such objects with relative ease. Let’s learn a bit more about these scanners to see how they work.

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How does it work?

A baggage scanner uses strong x-ray machines to look into the luggage. The baggage is placed on a conveyor belt that takes it into the machine for an expert to examine it. The x-ray is shown on a screen away from the machine where an operator can easily check out the objects inside a bag or a suitcase. The x-ray allow zooming in on particular objects if need be. Once the given luggage is cleared, it moves out of the machine on the conveyor.

The X-Ray

The modern x-ray machine used in the baggage scanners offer multiple features that allow a lot of ease to the operators. The machine uses two x-ray detectors. One records the low energy x-rays while the other picks up the high energy ones. The input is put together and an image is generated. Different kinds of materials are naturally coded in different colors and shapes of the objects are extremely clear. Any suspicious object is easily highlighted with the help of these x-rays.

The Output

The output is made on a screen which may be attached to the side of the screen or placed remotely. The user can zoom in and out of a certain object with the help of remote controls and see the results on the screen. The screens are state of the art to allow the expert to see each and every object in the luggage clearly.


The capacity varies with the type of machine. Machines made for traveler luggage usually can carry a load of a couple hundred kilograms while those used for cargo can carry a lot more weight at a given time. The make of the equipment also makes a difference as some machines offer greater features than others.

Other Uses

Apart from cargo and traveler luggage inspection, baggage scanners are now commonly used in many buildings where people may carry bags with them. Similarly, they are now being used at some railway stations as well to increase security.