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Anti Riot Suit

Law enforcement officials has lots of challenges at hand. Every challenge adds a new dimension of risk for them. Riots and protests have become quite common in the last few decades due to organized movements gaining traction, mostly with the help of internet. The need to riot control police is greater than ever for this very reason.

While some protests are peaceful, others are quite unruly. In order to remain out of harm’s way, police officers use anti riot suits. These suits have enormously evolved over the last few decades, making work somewhat safer for riot police. Let’s learn more about anti riot suits.


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The risks

To understand the functionality anti riot suits, it is first important to understand the risks they protect the law enforcers against. The common risks of injury in a riot are through blunt force trauma that may be delivered from a baseball bat, stabbing from spikey objects like screw drivers and the risk of cuts with sharp objects like knives. Fire bombs may also be used by rioters against the security forces. A good anti riot suit does well to protect against all these potential threats.

Anti Riot Suit

Contemporary anti riot suits do well on all of the aforementioned counts. They are not a single piece of equipment but instead broken down into several pieces to allow the required protection and the flexibility needed by the police officers.

Foot and Shin Guards

These guards have heavy paddings on them to protect the shins and the feet. The guards are fastened tight to the legs with the help of Velcro fasteners which can be adjusted as needed. The padding loosely hangs on top of the shoes to keep them safe while not hindering the mobility.

Thigh and Groin Guards

The thigh guards are mostly held into place by Velcro straps but the whole mechanism is kept tight with an adjustable buckle on the top. The groin guard, which is attached to the thigh guards, stays in place with buckle support as well.

The Chest and Abdominal Protection

The chest and abdominal areas are protected with a heavily padded vest. It is especially good for stop severe trauma and stab attempts. A number of Velcro fasteners are used to keep the vest strongly in place. The pads are placed as such that they do not hamper the movement.

Shoulder and Arm Protection

These guards protect the arms and the shoulders from any possible harm. A number of straps are used to secure them in place. The design allows great protection from possible injury while allowing easy mobility to the law enforcement personnel. Shoulder and arm protection are attached together.


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