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Alcohol Detector

An interesting tool made ever to find out whether a person is drinker or not. Before it was difficult to prove about a person as he is drinker or not but it seems easy with this device. There are many ways to remove the evidence of being drinker.

Your senses are the way of detecting a person is intoxicated or not. By noting the movements, garbled way of speech and the fainted look etc. but a solid proof is still nowhere and Alcohol Detector makes it easy. Let’s have a brief look on it.

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This device is better suitable for

Pharmacies, Rehabilitation Centers, Restaurant, Bars, Hospitals , Military, Law enforcement Units and other government Agencies.

The alcohol detector does not have any relation with affects which have been masked by the coffee or mints etc. it has a direct linkage with the inside air of a body. It deals with the internal body chemistry which tells the analyzer about the alcohol consumption. The mints which lessen the smell of alcohol and coffees which imprint the active body poster are of no use now. It is an affordable way.


Recalling the shape and size of old mobiles, alcohol detector is not so different than those mobile phones.

How to use

A disposable mouth-piece is used to have the test. But once a disposable piece being used it will not use for other test. One piece for one test in short. The person blows into the mouth-piece. The device take only a minute to calculate the result. The whole procedure in the device is very quick to happen in a minute.

Now the screen shows the results in four ways:

  • Zero
  • Pass
  • Warn
  • Fail

Let police is testing a person on the road driving bluntly if the device shows fail result the person will be arrested. Basically a sample of air is tested and compared with ethanol i.e. alcohol standard. Each country and area has its own standard. The device tests according to the standard and shows the results.

What the device use to operate:

A fuel cell or the infrared cell is used by this device while testing, where the fuel cell is being used in for screening device and the infrared cell is used in test processing, it leads infrared energy over the tester and detected is any unabsorbed energy at the other side. The absorption of infrared is directly proportional to the concentration of alcohol as the alcohol absorbs the infrared rays.


It be contingent on the tester of breath being deep lung air. When breathes outward, the device constantly observers the air out with the help of the infrared cell. As the air being out is continued the concentration of alcohol rises, and after stabilization of level of alcohol it is being analyzed and the results are then accurate.


With both cells timings are different i.e. with fuel cell process is of about 10-15 minutes and infrared cell makes the process be done in about 5 minutes.

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